Writing, editing and proofreading services for independent authors.

Hello writers and authors!

I’m Claire and my job is helping independent authors achieve quality, publishable books by collaboratively improving their manuscripts to match their ideal readers’ standards and expectations.

I work with authors to make manuscripts marvellous! Either through one to one writing support, or by copy, line or developmentally editing, or proofreading, drafts of novels or nonfiction books.

Writers and authors, contact me today to request your sample edit or proofread!



Need step-by-step expert guidance converting your novel ideas into a publishable story?

Require a professional ghostwriter to deliver your nonfiction ebook project on a deadline?

 I can help.


Concerned about character inconsistencies or problematic plot holes? Worried your story lacks flow?

Together we can make tweaks and improvements to bring the best out of your book. 

Let me help.


Perplexed by punctuation? Stressed about spelling or sentence structure? Not sure when to use a semi colon?

No problem – as a trained proofreader, I can check everything is as perfect as possible!

Help is here.


Unsure how to prepare your digital book for sale online?

Convert your ready to publish manuscript into a compatible file for uploading onto Kindle Direct Publishing.

Digital book formatting now available using Vellum software.

Only £35 per individual file.


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