Professional editing, ghostwriting and book formatting services.

Editing, ghostwriting and formatting services for crime fiction authors



As a crime fiction author, you want your novel to be a permanent asset. Professional editing gives it the best chance of success.

I can help you publish a book you are proud of.


Do you need an experienced novelist to write a crime fiction book that will meet your readers' genre (and subgenre) expectations?

I can write you a well structured story to market.


Formatting ensures your novel's interior looks polished. Vellum software generates EPUB and PDF files that are fully compatible with KDP.

I can help you create an interior based on your preferences.

What Authors Say

The Devil's Missal by Cathy Dobson
The Highwayman by Gary Pearson

Help For Authors

Whether you need help planning your crime novel outline or improving your writing craft, or if you want to help an author you know kickstart/advance their publishing career, check out the resources below (click on the images to find out more)!

Crime Novel Planner
A-Z of Writing Techniques Penning and Planning

Previous Book Projects

Here is a selection of the many crime, mystery, suspense and thriller books I have worked on since 2018 (click on any thumbnail to investigate further). I can help you bring your book to market too! 

Of Blood And Shadows by Carol Kerry-Green
Living In Shadows by Carol Kerry-Green
Failed Vision by Andrée Roby
Red Herrings and Blind Alleys by Writers@...
A Girl With A Knife by Alina Rubin
Don't Eat The Sandwiches by Howard Awbery
The Highwayman by Gary Pearson
Isle of Chaos by Sophie and Chris Brousseau
The Traitor Who Wore the King's Crown by J. M. Barmby
Another Time Another Place by Writers@...
The Desperate Wife by C. L. Jennison

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