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As an indie author, you want your book to be a permanent asset – that means having your manuscript edited to give it the best chance of success.

I can help you publish a novel you are proud of.


Proofreading is the final, forensic polish before publication. It is crucial to ensure any missed errors or inconsistencies are spotted and corrected.

I can help you publish a book you feel confident about.


Formatting ensures your book interior looks professional. Vellum formatting provides EPUB and PDF files that are fully compatible with KDP.

I can help you create a fantastic interior based on your preferences.


Help for Authors

A-Z of Storytelling Techniques for Authors

Are you an author who wants to use storytelling techniques more creatively in your writing?

Do you want to bring your fiction or nonfiction writing to life using memorable metaphors or imaginative wordplay? 

Do you dream of penning a kairotic or bildungsroman novel, or creating new neologisms that your readers will love?

If so, A-Z of Storytelling Techniques for Authors can help!

This bumper digital resource features FIFTY devices for authors to use in their writing, to help make it even better. It includes lots of classic, contemporary and original examples to help understand the techniques more in context, as well as hyperlinks to further examples/online resources.

A-Z of Storytelling Techniques for Authors is available to buy on Amazon now for just £2.99, or borrow it for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber!


The Secrets of Writing About Science

The Secrets Of Writing About Science

It’s one thing to write an engaging fictional novel. It’s quite another to write a nonfiction book, especially when science is the subject […]

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