How to: apply the Storybrand strategy for blogging and business success!

Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller champions growing any business using storytelling.*

Being a brand new freelance business owner (desperate for all the knowledge immediately!) I devoured the Storybrand strategy of using 7 elements of storytelling in order to develop my own business and by association, my blog. It helped me clarify who my ideal customer/reader is and to focus on exactly what my business needs to provide for my ideal customer.

Storytelling is not telling everyone about yourself. In fact, it’s not about you at all! It’s about reaching your ideal audience by following a tried and tested story structure using 7 steps:

Character – Problem – Guide – Plan – Call to Action – Success – Avoid Failure

For anyone who loves books and films, this classic story structure should be extremely familiar, and to be able to apply this logical formula to any business makes perfect sense.

Let’s see how it works using my writing/editing/proofreading business as an example:

  1. Character – the character is my ideal customer(s) e.g. independent authors.

Who is/are your ideal character(s) – who needs your product/service the most?

2. Problem – my character(s) may encounter a range of problems e.g. editing/proofreading is not their forte, they lack time for yet another read-through and/or they are too close to the manuscript to identify any further errors.

What problems are your characters facing? Consider all aspects and possibilities.

3. Guide – the guide is me! As an editor/proofreader I am the person who can help the character – the independent author – solve their editing/proofreading problems.

What specialist guidance do you offer your character(s)? How do you differ from other, similar guides? Why should your character(s) choose you?

4. Plan – my plan of action is to provide an efficient, professional and competitively priced editing/proofreading service by ensuring I continue to develop my existing skills and knowledge.

Do you have a plan that inspires confidence in your character(s)? Is it clear and thorough? If not, what do you need to do to ensure your plan of action is appealing to, and necessary for, your character(s)?

5. Call to action – my service needs to be visible and easily accessible. I need to make sure my character chooses to follow my guidance, for their own benefit.

How easy have you made it for your character(s) to follow you and your guidance? Is your website easily navigable with shortcuts directly to you? Do you give your character(s) contact options e.g. via social media? Have you made yourself an obvious choice?

6. Success – my character’s manuscript is perfectly polished and ready for the next stage of the publication process, with a better chance of success.

What element of success is your character looking for? Why are you the perfect person to increase their chance of success?

7. Avoid failure – my character’s manuscript is saved from languishing in obscurity.

What element of failure do you want to prevent for your character? How are you going to make sure they do not fail in their quest for success?

Now try applying the 7 steps to your business/freelance journey using the Storybrand template by registering at

Happy storytelling!



* Not an affiliate link or an ad – just a new business owner sharing something that has worked for me!

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