Reading Challenge: 40 books – reviews of books 16-20!

Last year I read 35 books for pleasure. This year I am aiming for 40! After every 5 books I’ll be writing a round-up blog review (without any spoilers!).
Books 16-20 (all linked to Goodreads) are as follows:
Lies by T. M. Logan:
Joe spots his wife’s car one teatime, purely by chance, pulling in to a Premier Inn car park. He follows her and witnesses her speaking to Ben. Then she lies about it. And carries on lying…
What follows is a tense and twisty game of spider and fly between Joe and Ben in amongst complicated webs of lies that leave Joe’s sanity, career and marriage dangling precariously by a barely visible thread.
I enjoyed ‘Lies’ so much that I promptly purchased ’29 Seconds’ by the same author!
29 Seconds by T. M. Logan:
Dr Sarah Hayward’s professional life is being made miserable by her sleazy, chauvinist boss, Professor Alan Lovelock. Passed over for a permanent teaching position at the university, Sarah knows it has nothing to do with her competence and everything to do with her refusal to be blackmailed into an ‘arrangement’ by Lovelock.
However, in an almost unbelievable (and extremely convenient) turn of events, Sarah is offered an opportunity to make someone in her life disappear…who does she choose and does it go to plan?
Don’t Trust Me by Joss Stirling:
Jessica returns home from holiday to find her missing persons agency office completely transformed and her boss of 3 months, Jacob, missing too. Using her fledgling investigative skills, Jessica embarks on solving the mystery which leads to unexpected discoveries for her, her ex-boyfriend Michael, her neighbour Lizzie and her friend Drew, as well as ghosts from the past.
After a few past mistakes, can Jessica prove to herself and others she can make the right decisions this time?
This book actually felt quite scatty in places (I did wonder if it was a device to deliberately reflect Jessica’s ADHD battle to reign in her erratic thoughts and to prove to herself and others she could be focused and trusted?) but the story was really engaging.
This is the first book I have read by this author. I bought it as a Kindle offer and I liked it!
The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware:
Travel writer Lo Blacklock boards the Aurora – a luxury cruise ship – for a press trip to document its maiden voyage.
During the early hours, Lo is woken by the sound of a scream and a splash and then sees a smear of blood on the balcony partition between her cabin and Cabin 10. Lo is convinced something has happened to the woman she briefly saw previously in Cabin 10, however, convincing the other passengers and the crew of her concerns leaves Lo feeling frustrated, suspicious and claustrophobic within the confines of the ship.
As a reader, I felt Lo’s rising confusion and claustrophobia acutely as she doggedly pursued answers despite potential danger to herself.
This is the first Ruth Ware book I have read and I will definitely be adding ‘In a Dark, Dark Wood‘ and ‘The Lying Game‘ to my (now Jenga-esque!) TBR pile.
The Darkness Within by Lisa Stone (a.k.a. Cathy Glass):
I used to read each new Cathy Glass book as soon as it was released (Tesco and Asda usually include them in their 2 for £7 promotions or similar) so when I found out Cathy Glass had begun writing psychological thrillers under the pen name Lisa Stone…well, you know me and crime fiction…of course I was suckered in!
I thought this book was instantly gripping. Shane, newly released from prison after being found guilty of GBH, is involved in a car crash one rainy night due to driving erratically and being over the legal drink drive limit.
Shortly after, Reverend Wilson and his wife Elizabeth finally receive the call they’ve been praying for – a heart donor match for their beloved son Jacob.
However, Jacob’s transplant doesn’t bring the family the expected happiness it should as Jacob’s entire personality changes dramatically, bringing Reverend Wilson and Elizabeth and Jacob’s loyal girlfriend a lot of heartache.*
Unable to understand his transformation, Elizabeth begins to investigate why the son she loves has become completely unrecognisable, with almost unbelieveable results.
I will definitely be reading and reviewing Lisa Stone’s next book – ‘Stalker’!


*This book contains scenes of domestic/sexual violence so it may be one to avoid if these are triggers for you.
Have you read any of these books – what did you think?
I’ve reviewed my previous reading challenge books here, here and here – happy reading!

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