Winning Elevator Pitch!

Knowing I had a 60 second pitch to deliver at a new networking group today, I wanted to find a way to make it memorable whilst calming my usual jangly nerves at addressing a room full of fellow professionals.
So I did something I have never done before in a networking situation – I properly showed off by writing a poem! It worked because I won ‘Best Elevator Pitch’ of the meeting! Here it is:
If it’s a writer you need
For a story or two,
Penning and Planning can help
To write them for you.
Or maybe a blog
Is what you require,
In which case I am
A writer for hire.
Any authors or students
Who need their work checked,
Choose Penning and Planning
It’s what I do best.
Tutoring is a service
I also provide,
The time and the level
Is for you to decide.
There are three strands to my business
I am adept at them all,
So please email or message, or give me a call!
I wrote this simple poem really quickly at short notice and it had a great impact – imagine what even more effort could achieve!
If you want to stand out from the crowd/feel more confident when addressing a room full of strangers/ensure your business is more memorable in networking meetings, I would be delighted to write a pitch for you too! 

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