Reading Challenge: book reviews 21-25!

Last year I read 35 books for pleasure. This year I am aiming for 40! After every 5 I’ll be writing round-up book reviews (without any spoilers!). Book reviews for 21-25 (all linked to Goodreads) are as follows:

#21 I Did A Bad Thing Linda Green

Sarah Roberts has a guilty secret. Working as a newspaper reporter, her ex-boyfriend Nick, also a reporter, makes a sudden return to her world and life as she knows it becomes much more complicated. As memories and long past decisions resurface with difficult repercussions, can Sarah put right the bad thing she did wrong all those years before?

I really enjoyed this book – Linda Green’s debut novel. I was really invested in the main characters and willed everything to end happily. Whether it did or not, I’ll leave you to discover!

#22 After I’ve Gone Linda Green

When I find a new author I like, I read a few (or all!) of their books straightaway! Based in Leeds, After I’ve Gone is another story by Linda Green and tells the tale of Jess Mount who can magically see into her future via her Facebook status updates, except her future is not what she expected. After beginning¬† a whirlwind romance with Lee, Jess is the only one who can see her Facebook timeline changing and she begins to fear for her life. Can she rewrite her own future or is her timeline a very real prediction of events to come?

I listened to this book on Audible and particularly enjoyed the choice of a Yorkshire narrator!

#23 Things I Wish I’d Known Linda Green

Claire Cooper spent her teenage years obsessed with footballer Andy Pailes. Twenty years later, a divorced and despondent Claire rediscovers her own wish list, reminding her of all the dreams she had as a teenager. She realises none of them have come true, especially her dream of marrying Andy Pailes. Caught up in nostalgia and missed chances, Claire sets about putting that right, no matter the consequences to her current reality.

An easy read although not as enjoyable as I Did a Bad Thing!

#24 Stalker Lisa Stone

After reading The Darkness Within (reviewed in Reading Challenge: 40 books – reviews of books 16-20!), I was excited to read Stalker by the same author (a.k.a. Cathy Glass).

This book didn’t disappoint, especially as it is one of my preferred genres – a psychological thriller. Not quite as compelling as The Darkness Within, Stalker was still a very good read. Centred around Derek, a lonely CCTV installer still living with his mother, the story opens to reveal that Derek secretly stalks his clients through the CCTV he installs in their homes. After a series of crimes are committed in these homes, Derek becomes a suspect – is Derek’s only crime invading people’s privacy, or are there more sinister motives to be investigated?

#25 No Further Questions Gillian McAllister

An extremely cleverly written book. No Further Questions tells the story of sisters Martha and Becky and the tragic death of infant Layla, Martha’s daughter, who was in Becky’s care when she died. The book outlines the close relationship between the sisters up until the tragedy and then reveals the truth of the fateful night through a series of courtroom witness statements alongside Martha and Becky’s flash backs. Did Becky commit a terrible crime? What does the evidence suggest? Will the sisters ever really know the truth and trust each other again?

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