Reading Challenge: book reviews 26-30!

Last year I read 35 books for pleasure. This year I am aiming for 40! After every 5 I’ll be writing round-up book reviews (without any spoilers!). Book reviews for 26-30 (all linked to Goodreads) are as follows:

#26 A Long Way From Home Cathy Glass

In a change to her usual writing format, the first half of this book was not told by Cathy herself, but from the viewpoints of Ian and Elaine who travelled to an overseas orphanage to adopt infant Anna. Having read most of Cathy’s books so far, this was quite distracting for me as a reader, however, the story was intriguing enough to continue. Told in Cathy’s usual detailed and straightforward style, I was drawn into the drama of little Anna’s story and the difficulties Ian and Elaine faced in their adoption journey. The second half of the book reverts to Cathy’s point of view when she takes in Anna as a foster placement, leading the reader to question what could possible have gone wrong with Ian and Elaine.

#27 Let Me Lie Clare Mackintosh

Anna’s parents seemingly committed suicide, all the evidence pointing to them jumping to their deaths, separately, from the same edge of the same cliff. Anna isn’t convinced and now, a new parent herself, she receives a mysterious note which prompts her own investigation into their deaths. Will Anna ever find out what really happened to Tom and Caroline Johnson?

#28 Still Me Jojo Moyes 

I LOVED this book! The 3rd in the Me Before You series, Still Me follows Louisa Clarke’s move to New York City to work for the Gopniks as Agnes Gopnik’s personal assistant. Lou grapples with her new life, her long distance relationship with paramedic Sam, and her memories of and love for Will Traynor, which may or may not be at the forefront of her mind thanks to new friend Josh.

Despite being the 3rd book in the series, this beautifully written story felt like something utterly brand new yet also a catch up with an old friend all rolled into one. As a reader, you cannot help but want the best for Lou and hope against hope that she finds the love, purpose and happiness she craves, and so deserves. An utterly lovely book!

#29 Lethal White Robert Galbraith

Lethal White was my Bali holiday read and the £9.99 Kindle price (which was more than I would usually spend on a digital download!) was completely worth it as I devoured this book! It also works out at a very reasonable pence per page as it’s a huge book!

The 4th instalment in the Strike series picks up directly after the 3rd (Career of Evil) on Robin and Matthew’s wedding day, after Strike’s surprise entrance, and subsequent revelations cause further problems in Robin and Matthew’s relationship. Matthew is an easy character to dislike and he may or may not finally get his comeuppance in this book!

The most complicated and intricate story in the series, Lethal White follows Cormoran and promoted-to-partner Robin as they try to investigate murderous claims by a disturbed witness and navigate a political blackmailing, all against the backdrop of the 2012 London Olympics.

#30 Pieces of Her Karin Slaughter

This was a strange book. Not bad strange but just a very different type of story for Karin Slaughter. Pieces of Her tells the story of Andrea – Andy – and her mother Laura following a violent mall shooting they were subjected to. Following Laura’s unexpected reaction to the mall murderer, Pieces of Her gives the reader glimpses of her past life and clues as to why Andy’s steady, suburban mum has been keeping secrets Andy’s whole life. Having been spoilt by the superb Grant County and Will Trent series, this stand alone story was a good read, but not quite as enjoyable as some of her others in my personal opinion. I will still read every book she ever writes though! 

Have you read any of these books? Do you share my opinions or disagree with me? Let me know!



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