Writing poetry: Masks!

Every Monday my wonderful writing group meets to share selected stories and poems (and sometimes books!) we have written. Every few weeks we produce a themed publication – Sprinkles – featuring our short stories and poems. Our latest theme is ‘masks’ and this is my acrostic contribution!

Masking her anger, she applauded and smiled

As she scolded herself for believing,

She would ever be anything more than the child

Keenly adept at deceiving.

So young, so sweet, so fresh yet so wild

Masks worn every morning and evening,

As she pretended to be so meek mannered and mild

Secretly festering furious feelings.

Kinetic yet still, brain juddering until

Someone in the crowd starting screaming,

Muted clapping died down, blood soaked through the gown

As the actress who won was collapsing.

Smoke wisped from the gun, the reaction was ‘Run!’

Keeping clear of the crime scene unfolding,

She gazed up at the stage, depleted of rage

Motivation still masked yet so thrilling,

As she thought to herself, so proud of herself

She was always so eager and willing.

Knowing why, knowing how, knowing when she would strike,

She had finally won the best role of her life.

Despite having written poetry since I was a child, I was so nervous sharing this poem with my writing group – thankfully they were extremely encouraging! Please feel free to share your poems too or get in touch if you need one writing!



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