10 great podcasts for self publishing authors

As an aspiring indie author, I immerse myself in the author world on a daily basis. One of my favourite immersion techniques is listening to author podcasts. My daily dog walks allow me to enjoy and absorb plenty of author related content. I always feel really inspired and motivated! In this blog I share my top 10 author podcasts for self publishing authors in the hope they will help you as much as they help/have helped me.

1) Self Publishing Journeys

Indie author Paul Teague shares his life as a part time writer through weekly diary episodes, as well as (currently) monthly author interviews. Refreshingly honest and straightforward, Paul talks openly about his struggles and successes as the author of both fiction and nonfiction books. Sticking to his carefully planned writing schedule come what may, Paul is in the process of preparing for a rapid re-release of his back catalogue of books. His approach to this is extremely methodical and organised (which pleases my similarly logical brain no end). As a self proclaimed “finisher completer”, Paul is such an inspiring role model to all aspiring and established indie authors. I look forward to new podcast episodes every Saturday immensely.

Paul’s recent set of three podcasts detailing his indie author positives, negatives and aspirations, to celebrate his 150th episode (27th April 2019), were particularly interesting and jam-packed full of excellent tips, advice and inspiration.

2) The Self Publishing Show

The introductions between best selling indie author Mark Dawson and new author James Blatch often have me chuckling. Featuring interesting and informative interviews (often with big name authors including Rachel Abbott, Mel Sherratt and Clare Mackintosh), as well as informative episodes (covering a variety of topics including marketing, advertising and the craft of writing), this podcast is an indie author goldmine. In particular, the Booklab episodes are amazing. They feature a deep dive constructive assessment of a chosen indie author’s writing, cover design and blurb. Episode 170 (3rd May 2019) is the most recent.

3) The Creative Penn

If you want to know exactly what is happening in the indie author and general publishing world, as well as what may be on the horizon for the future of publishing, The Creative Penn is a must listen. Added to that, Joanna Penn’s voice is so cheerful and uplifting!

Featuring independently hosted episodes mixed in with interviews, I particularly loved ‘From First Book to a Multi Six Figure Writing Business: 10 Years of The Creative Penn (3rd December 2018). This long standing podcast is a fascinating insight into the life of a hard working indie author living the dream!


4) The Honest Authors Podcast

Hosted by Holly Seddon and Gillian McAllister, this podcast is a relatively recent discovery for me, despite already being in its third series. Being a MASSIVE fan of Gillian McAllister’s books, I am currently enjoying the second series. I  have become an instant fan of Holly too, particularly her newest novel ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.

The friendship between the two authors is evident in their informal conversations about their respective, relatively recent, ‘traditional’ author journeys. Despite not being self published authors, this podcast feels like being given permission to eavesdrop. There are so many take aways for writers planning to self publish too! As well as chatting about their author careers so far, Gillian and Holly also answer questions from listeners, interview guests and occasionally invite author pitches for feedback. I find a lot of their content about author anxieties particularly relatable!

5) The Editing Podcast

Another hosting duo, editors Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle explore how authors can make their publishing journeys easier.

I have followed Louise and Denise on social media since my business launched in July 2018 and have learnt so much from them both. With no long introductions and no waffle, The Editing Podcast delivers useful and demystifying information on all aspects of editing that an indie author needs to know. All in less than half an hour episodes – great stuff!

6) Create If Writing

Continuing my 10 great podcasts for self publishing authors, Kirsten Oliphant’s Create If Writing podcast is excellent. Kirsten writes under pen names and shares her writing and marketing insights generously. Topics cover her knowledge and experience with email lists, beta readers, paid promotions, social media usage, getting reviews, choosing a niche and many, many other related topics based on what has, and is, working for her as an indie romance author.

Often bite sized episodes of 20-30 minutes, these podcasts are perfect as easy, informative listens that can be slotted in anytime during the day.


7) Awkward Author

Although not one of my most frequent listens, the Awkward Author podcast is another recommendation by Paul Teague. Alissa Grosso’s podcast chronicles the adventures in the life of hybrid author and includes regular honest and detailed income reports. Her Awkward Author YouTube channel also features helpful videos for both indie and traditionally published authors. Visit alissagrosso.com to find out more about Alissa and get a free thriller novella!

8) The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt

Host Andrew Chamberlain, a writer and a creative writing mentor, gives practical accessible advice and encouragement to creative writers. Each podcast episode explores an aspect of creative writing technique, with examples, allowing you to immediately apply what you learn to your writing.

The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt also features occasional interviews with writers and other artists, discussing subjects such as story, style, character and the writing process itself.

9) Writer’s Detective Bureau

Joanna Penn interviewed veteran police detective Adam Richardson on The Creative Penn podcast recently, which signposted me to his podcast. Adam helps authors and screenwriters get answers to all their crime fiction questions. Being a crime fiction obsessive, I was instantly interested to learn more about how authors successfully write about criminal investigations and police procedure accurately.

In addition to his podcast, Adam also answers as many questions as he can in the WRITERSDETECTIVE Q&A Group on Facebook.

10) Janet Murray’s PR Podcast for Small Businesses

Although not specifically for authors, Janet Murray’s podcast is brilliant for learning about everything social media and marketing related in a no nonsense way. Every episode contains transferable and instantly actionable tips for all small businesses – indie authors and authorpreneurs included.


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