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Author 2020 Series: Wendy Fry

This Author 2020 blog series is for fiction and nonfiction indie authors who have either already published, or are due to publish, a book in 2020!

As well as showcasing their amazing writing achievement, every featured author answered ten questions to give aspiring fiction and nonfiction indie authors a behind-the-scenes insight into the book writing process.

This post features writing coach, ghostwriter and author Wendy Fry, who shares her experience of writing her new book Write From Your Heart – discover your author voice through journaling!

1. Describe your book in 25 words or less.

This easy to apply writing guide includes powerful principles to discover your author voice, share your story and write from your heart.

2. How long did your book take to write?

The content was tested first in a writing group of one hundred people. In all, it’s taken nine months to test and write.

3. How long did the whole process take – from initial idea to publication?

One year (including a three-month research period).

Author 2020 blog series: for fiction and nonfiction indie authors

4. What have you learnt about the process of writing a book that would help other fiction and nonfiction indie authors?

You must be committed and make structured time to write, research the need for it, and make the content simple and easy to read and apply. Inclusion of research studies for self-help books may also be helpful for your reader.

5. Is there anything you wish you had done differently, or would do differently with your next book?

I found running an online group of one hundred people to test the content as I was writing it quite overwhelming in terms of how much time it took to go in and answer individual posts. I had not foreseen the emotional support individuals needed beyond the scope of the book content and their personal situations. It was an important learning curve and if testing content in this way again I would make it a much smaller test group.

6. How much did it cost to get your book to market?

Over £1,500. This included ISBN purchase X 10, cover design, social media banner header designs, professional author bio photo, editing, Amazon upload, typesetting, graphic design, and a visual book marketing package.

Author 2020 blog series: for fiction and nonfiction indie authors

7. Do you have any plans to write another/any more books in the future? If so, would you like to share any details about it/them?

Yes, I love writing. I plan to write a creative fiction book about dating. It will be humorous and weave in the character of a therapist supporting those finding themselves in the world of online dating. It will also include parts of my personal experience and the antics which go on.

I may also write about the benefits of walking in nature, self-help in style (I’m currently studying towards a diploma in Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing). This will cover mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and how, as an author, being in the great outdoors boosts creativity and keeps my physical body supple.

8. Do you want to give a public shout out to anyone who helped you produce your book?

Yes, Richard McMunn is my publisher. I’ve worked with him and his team three times now and they are a breeze to work with. I have a special offer from him when anyone books through my VIP Code.

9. Please share an excerpt of your book.


You have a story to tell. A unique message to share. An authentic voice wanting to speak and be heard. Your story, your truth, the words of your heart matter. Now is the time to set them free.

The processes shared within Write From Your Heart will inspire you and teach you how to express yourself through a range of practical writing exercises, and empower you to find your author voice.

Delightful prompts and writing invitations will encourage you to look forward to the journaling process and help you recognise the positive impact heart-centred journaling brings.

Imaginative ideas will teach you how to put pen to paper to grow into the habit of daily journaling to maximise your health, your relationships, your work, and your life as a writer.

Now, you can break through limiting beliefs about your writing ability quickly and easily, saying no to writer’s block and yes to understanding how to write for pleasure, or as a professional author in any genre.

In Write From Your Heart, writing coach Wendy Fry offers a range of engaging writing invitations, inspiring prompts, and shares her author tips to support you in gaining confidence as a writer and sharing your story.

This easy to apply writing guide includes powerful principles to overcome the fear of writing, encouraging you to keep your name on the page and your words flowing.

You will gain the following benefits as you read through:

  • Tools and techniques to get you in ‘The Write Frame of Mind’
  • Journaling invitations to express your author voice confidently 
  • Guidance on how to feel comfortable unleashing the power of your truth
  • Heart-centred exercises to revive a tired mind and body to create writer’s flow
  • Prompts to write a better story for yourself
  • Access to The Spotlight Process, tapping into your innate creativity with confidence
  • Topic ideas to keep you engaged on your writing journey
  • Exercises for self-journaling and creative writing groups
  • Processes to boost your writing flow
  • Guidelines to support you in finding your preferred journaling style
  • Writing invitations to aid personal transformation and healing
  • Tips for integrating journaling into your daily routine
  • Prompts to set your author voice free

 Who are you not to write? You have every right!

Now is the time to get right to the heart of the matter. It’s time to step up and rise and shine as an author. Write From Your Heart will show you how.

Author 2020 blog series: for fiction and nonfiction indie authors

10. Where can readers buy your book (and any other books you have written)?

Thank you for participating in this Author 2020 blog series Wendy!

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