Author 2020 Series: Gauri Shanbhag Wagle

This Author 2020 blog series is for fiction and nonfiction indie authors who have either already published, or are due to publish, a book in 2020!

As well as showcasing their amazing writing achievement, every featured author answered ten questions to give aspiring fiction and nonfiction indie authors a behind-the-scenes insight into the book writing process.

This Author 2020 blog post features author and HR professional Gauri Shanbhag Wagle sharing her experiences of writing and self publishing her novel ‘Corporate Armageddon’.

1. Tell me about your book!

‘Corporate Armageddon’ describes the arduous journey of a young woman, Swarali Mehta’, in her first organisation. The story, peppered with conflict, carries the undercurrent of the clash between innocent talent and envious malevolence. My novel gives a glimpse into the dark side of the corporate world.

2. How long did your book take to write?

It took me 2 years to write this book.

3. How long did the whole process take – from initial idea to publication?

From conceiving the idea to actually publishing it on Kindle, it took me 3 years.

Author 2020 blog series

4. What have you learnt about the process of writing a book that may help other indie authors?

Oh! I have learnt so many important concepts of writing. The concept of ‘show, don’t tell’ makes a story interesting for readers since they can visualise every scene written in the book. I understood the importance of formatting a book and though I may not have learnt everything about formatting, I learnt to do character description, which is important in generating curiosity about every character, as well as the plot of the story. I learnt how to write the blurb of a book as well as book promotion and marketing tips.

5. Is there anything you wish you had done differently, or would do differently with your next book?

I would write shorter dialogues for my next novel or short story. Although I tried hard, I could not achieve this in certain sections of my novel. I would also check if the story idea, which I have or like, would be a saleable one first, by conducting surveys among readers.

6. How much did it cost to get your book to market?:

Less than £500.

I hired a graphic designer to create the book front cover and back cover. She also described the scenes which I wrote in the form of pictures. All of these were done at a nominal cost of Rupees 2700 (Indian currency).

7. Do you have any plans to write another/any more books in the future? If so, would you like to share any details about it/them?

Yes, I plan to make changes in my nonfiction self-help book titled ‘Negative Traits Which Conceal Your Positive Traits’, which throws light on the detrimental effects of negative traits within us, and in our relationships and careers. I had published this on Kindle earlier and my readers gave me few suggestions which I will soon implement, thus making changes in this book.

I plan to write a short story or a novel on a mental disorder.

Writing a book of short stories related to the cyber world is also one of my plans.

8. Do you want to give a public shout out to anyone who helped you produce your book?

I want to thank Ms Nishka Rathi, who is a professional ghostwriter (, for sharing with me the most important tip of story writing, which is ‘show, don’t tell’.

9. Please share an excerpt of your book below.

This is a snippet of a chapter titled ‘Mr. Mysterious or Ms. Mysterious’:

As soon as he positions himself on his bike, he sees the same mysterious figure in the rear view mirror of his bike and immediately turns behind. When he turns behind, this dark mysterious figure becomes alert and again hides itself behind the fence surrounding a grocery store. Swarali looks at Rohan with eyes and mouth wide open. She turns behind with a horrified look.

No Swarali! Don’t turn behind. I have seen that same person clad in a brown colored hood with half of its face cloaked. Sit fast on my bike and let us move. It will follow us, I am sure….” Rohan hollers.

Swarali vigorously nods her head in agreement and immediately sits on Rohan’s bike holding his waist from behind. Swarali can now feel her pulse pounding in her temples along with her heart pounding hard. Her bones are now rattling in the constant fear of the threats posed by the spy who is trying to follow them.

“I will take a different route after sometime by gliding my bike on a street jammed by traffic, so that my bike looks inconspicuous amongst all those four wheelers and trucks. You just hold me tight, because that street is a bit rough…” quips Rohan while shifting down into 1st gear and letting the clutch lever out while simultaneously pulling back on the throttle. He then zooms at a high speed for around twenty five minutes.

Rohan observes a blue metallic Audi S5 car whose reflection he can see in the rear view mirror of his bike following him since a long time. The Audi is 150 metres away from him and he assumes that the spy is sitting in it. Suddenly there is a red signal instructing all vehicles to halt. Rohan’s bike is now on the street which is jammed with traffic. There is a police officer trying to control the traffic and he is standing far away from Rohan who slowly glides his bike through the spaces between the four wheelers and moves ahead by 300 metres from his original location.

As soon as the green signal flashes, Rohan zooms at a much higher speed and barges on one of the crossroads towards the left instead of zooming straight. The Audi S5 car is way behind and fails to keep up its pace with Rohan, however Rohan is zooming along the longer route to reach Yatin’s office. As Rohan is speeding ahead, he looks into the rear view mirror of his bike and a wave of relief ripples down his spine when he cannot see the reflection of the same blue metallic Audi S5 car which has been keeping a track of his route.

After forty five minutes, they reach the compound of Yatin’s building and after parking his bike, both Rohan and Swarali just dart towards Yatin’s office. Swarali knocks the door and calls out,“Yatin, it is me Swarali…

A smile etches on Yatin’s face and he hollers, ”Hey Swarali, come in please…come…come…

10. Where can readers buy your book (and any other books you have written)?

Readers can buy my book ‘Corporate Armageddon’ on Amazon. The price of my book is only $1.60 (1 dollar and 60 cents).

The link is mentioned below:

To know more about my books and to give me feedback related to my writing, please visit my:

Linkedin profile:

WordPress website:

Facebook Author page is:

Instagram page is:

Thank you for participating in this Author 2020 series Gauri!


This Author 2020 blog series is for all fiction and nonfiction indie authors. To be featured in a future post, please contact me!

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