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Author 2020 Blog Series: Gary P Moss

This Author 2020 blog series is for fiction and nonfiction indie authors who have either already published, or are due to publish, a book in 2020!

As well as showcasing their amazing writing achievement, every featured author answered ten questions to give aspiring fiction and nonfiction indie authors a behind-the-scenes insight into the self publishing process.

This blog post features author Gary P Moss sharing his experience of writing and publishing his latest domestic suspense meets dark psychological thriller novel: The Lighthouse at Devil’s Point.

1. Tell me about your book in 25 words or less!

Three lives collide after thirty-five years apart. There was talk of attempted murder. One was too young to remember; one has dementia. Sara remembers.

2. How long did your book take to write?

Six months.

3. How long did the whole process take – from initial idea to publication?

Eight months.

Author 2020 Blog Series

4. What have you learnt about the process of writing a book that could help aspiring indie authors?

It’s easier with a plan.

5. Is there anything you wish you had done differently, or would do differently with your next book?

I will try to be braver, to take my foot off the brake.

6. How much did it cost to get your book to market?:

Around £500, including editing, formatting, and a premade cover.

7. Do you have any plans to write another/any more books in the future? If so, would you like to share any details about it/them?

Yes. The third part of a post-apocalyptic trilogy, and a thriller are planned.

The Lighthouse at Devil's Point by Gary P Moss

8. Do you want to give a public shout out to anyone who helped you produce your book?

Mariah Sinclair (cover), Melanie Underwood (editing), and Claire Jennison (formatting).

9. Please share an excerpt of your book below.

He shrugged off a long, waxed coat, leaned over the bar, and kissed the woman on the cheek. He wore a police uniform.

‘Exciting day, love?’ she asked.

‘Nope, usual stuff.’

She handed him a pint of bitter. He removed his jacket and tie, handed it to her in exchange for a thick woollen jumper.

‘That’s better,’ the woman said. ‘Can’t do you now for drinking in uniform.’

Tim pretended to read his newspaper; people-watching was far more interesting.

‘Something a bit weird though. We had a call from England, down south     somewhere. Some old woman’s in a tizz about a woman and her son. Says they’re here and they’ve been here before, a long time ago.’ He took a long drink of his beer. Tim strained to listen.

The woman laughed. ‘What’s weird about that?’

‘Hold on, I’m getting to it.’ He put his glass down on the bar.

‘She reckons this woman tried to murder the boy last time, but she got away with it.’

‘Yeah, right,’ the woman said. She was grinning. ‘And when was this then? I’m sure the whole town would know about it if it were true!’

The policeman shrugged. ‘Thirty odd years ago, she reckoned. No witnesses, no arrests, nothing. I know, some people and their fantasies, eh?’

‘Aye, well, takes all sorts. Did she give a name, this caller?’

‘I can’t remember. I just remembered she was in her seventies.’

‘No, the woman who tried to kill her son. Allegedly.’

‘Yeah, I wrote it down. To look like I was doing something, you know?’ He fished a notebook from his pocket, flipped a few pages.

‘Lynne Collins.’

Tim saw the barwoman freeze. Like he had just done. He felt his legs shake.

10. Where can readers buy your book (and any other books you have written)?

Amazon, under Gary P Moss. For post-apocalyptic and urban/dark fantasy, Amazon, under G P Moss

Thank you for participating in this Author 2020 blog series Gary!

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