What book styles does Vellum offer?

What book styles does Vellum formatting software offer?

If you’re an indie author who needs more information about Vellum book formatting, you’re in the right place! If you find having too much choice overwhelming, or don’t know where to start when it comes to interior book layouts, Vellum formatting provides a quick, affordable solution that results in a professional looking book you and your readers will love. This blog post includes examples of the eight book styles Vellum offers for clean, easy-to-read, gorgeous book interiors.

What book styles does Vellum formatting software offer?

What is Vellum?

Vellum is a modern book formatting software, specifically for use on a Mac. It enables authors to transform their Word manuscripts into smart, easy-to-read digital and/or print files that are fully compatible with online book retailers.

What is a book style?

Vellum’s book styles are preset styles that allow authors to customise their book’s interior to their own preferences. Customisable book style options include:

  • Heading style
  • First paragraph formatting
  • Block quotation style
  • Header and footer style/placement
  • Ornamental break style
  • Body text formatting (font choice, paragraph indentation/spacing and justification).

What book styles does Vellum offer?

Currently, Vellum offers the choice of eight book styles. As explained above, customisations can be made to each style but the screen shots below show what each style looks like on a Kindle Fire.

The book styles are as follows:


Meridian is perfect for all fiction interiors. It offers the choice of one centred or two left aligned headings. The larger first letter only shows as a colour in the ebook version whereas in the print version it is black.

Meridian Vellum book style


Trace works well for clean, simple interiors. Only centred headings are available within Trace.

Trace Vellum book style


Artisanal is great for adding a little bit of interest. It offers the option of a little pop of reddish-brown colour to its centred heading options (ebook only), as well as a monochrome version.

Artisanal Vellum book style


Kindred lends itself well to genres that may require fancier heading embellishments – historical fiction or memoir, for example. There are five centred heading options: flourish, fan, snowflake, and two plainer choices. The headings remain the same whether ebook or print.

Kindred Vellum book style


Sudo works well for simple, modern book interiors, particularly suitable for sci-fi or dystopian fiction. It offers two left aligned heading styles and one centred heading option.

Sudo Vellum book style


Oxford offers fancier embellishments like Kindred. Its three heading styles include a plain option, a floral style option, and a pattern option, which all appear the same whether in ebook or print. Oxford is a great option for authors who want headings with a bit of interest.

Oxford Vellum book style


Parcel’s headings work well for nonfiction in particular, due to their clean lines. Parcel is also a good option for a fun interior as it offers both bluey-green and pink box headings (for ebooks only), alongside its plain parallel line option. The coloured options appear as plain boxes in the print version.

Parcel Vellum book style


Chroma’s small coloured headings are available in six options, including: a centred blue square, a right aligned blue square, a right aligned curved blue shape, a centred green square, a right aligned red square, and a right aligned curved purple shape. The headings lose their shape and colour in the print version, but the placement options remain the same.

Chroma Vellum book style

Please contact me to ask any formatting questions or to book your fiction formatting slot. Vellum formatting produces both ePub and PDF files which are fully compatible with Amazon KDP. Alternatively, visit my formatting page for more information and the answers to frequently asked questions and/or visit Vellum‘s website for a free download you can play around with yourself!

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