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4 Ways To Use Social Media To Effectively Promote Your Book

Indie authors, this blog outlines 4 ways to use social media to effectively promote your book!

Running an effective marketing campaign to promote a new product is crucial in achieving successful sales, and it’s no different with books. Great marketing campaigns capitalize on every opportunity available to reach more potential readers and convert that interest into book sales. But successful marketing in 2020 largely depends on knowing how to work social media to your advantage. Writers are usually inspired to pen ideas and communicate them to the world, but the real challenge for authors is promoting their books and getting people outside of their network to purchase their work. 

4 Ways To Use Social Media To Effectively Promote Your Book

Whatever your writing niche is, here’s how you can do more using strategic social media campaigning:

1. Know your platforms and connect with your audience

People love to connect with others they can be themselves with. So work at presenting yourself as authentic and relatable. There are many ways you can accomplish this, whether it’s through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. Instagram or Facebook lives can help you hold lively, fun discussions to increase your exposure.

Other writers also love it when they can get help with something they find challenging in their own storytelling. Therefore, you can offer advice or tips on something you are particularly great at. A good starting point will be giving writing help. You can take advantage of this to read a couple of lines from your upcoming book, or from another writer you admire, to leave an even bigger impression on your audience. 

2. Organise a giveaway or contest

Giving away free books or prizes is a tried and tested marketing strategy when done right. Make it easy and fun, so people will not be disheartened even before participating. For example, you can hold a picture caption contest and offer a prize of your choice to the winner. Another idea is to organize the fastest fingers contest. This involves asking a question, for example, and offering a prize to the quickest people to get it right. This is also a good marketing ploy for driving traffic to your platforms.

BookSweeps offers multi-author book giveaways and BookFunnel makes it easy to organize group promos with other authors in your genre.

3. Build a website

Owning your website gives you more internet exposure and traffic control ability in that you’ll be able to host all information about your work in one place. A website is essentially your (book)shop front, and new readers who want to find out more about you will visit it. As your social media platform grows, you’ll be able to promote them on your website, and vice versa.

A website is also beneficial because you’ll be able to employ a search engine optimization strategy as a marketing tool, which is essential as all authors want – and need – to maximise their visibility in order to reach potential readers. BookBub’s article 45+ Author Websites with Stellar Designs provides inspiration for any authors looking to launch or redesign their website.

4. Use an influencer

This involves using a personality with a larger sphere of influence to gain traction with your book. An influencer does not have to be insanely famous or expensive, as there are different levels of involvement. You can also reach out to people in your private network to promote your book on their social media pages. Depending on your budget, you can employ micro-influencing or nano-influencing in your promotion. Look out for people who get a reasonable level of engagement on their platforms.

If you aren’t certain, sites like Influencer Marketing Hub will point you in the right direction. Charlotte Jacklin also offers a How to Work with Influencers online course. A bonus tip for using influencer marketing is to engage an influencer attorney and have the right legal framework in place. It’ll smoothen the process and get it done effectively.

Marketing is all about creativity and being people-oriented. When used right, this list will help you get out there and in front of potential new readers!

Are there any other tips you would add to this list?

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