How to Get Your Business Back on its Feet

2020 has been an extremely tough year for many of us and you may be wondering how to get your business back on its feet. Back in January, few of us could anticipate what the following months would have in store for us. The rapid spread of coronavirus was entirely unprecedented and has disrupted many of our lives entirely. Chances are it’s impacted your small business in some way or another.

At the start of the year, many of us had high hopes and had big plans in the pipeline. Some of us were maybe planning on recruiting or outsourcing to expand our teams. Some of us were planning on investing more into advertising and marketing campaigns. As a small business owner, as well as an indie author, I know I was considering it. But much of this was stopped in its tracks when governments around the world began to ask people to isolate in their own homes. Many small businesses could (already) work on a remote basis but others have taken a huge hit with the economy tanking and many companies going under. If you’re still up and running, you’re going to have to really focus your efforts to generate profits during these trying times and keep operations in motion.

Focusing on these areas could really help you out!

How to Get Your Business Back on its Feet

Focus on Digital Marketing

Businesses tend to be cutting back in all areas right now. However, if possible, try to make sure you’re still investing in marketing – digital marketing in particular. Sure, people may be less willing to spend money right now with job security concerns and fears of a second lockdown. But this means you’re going to have to make them extra aware of your products, their benefits and why they should part with their cash for them. Digital marketing, of course, is the best way to achieve this when people are spending much less time outdoors and much more time in their homes on their phones, laptops and computers. You can focus on all sorts of digital marketing, ranging from paid ads, courses, webinars, social media influencer collaborations and more.

Protect Your Files and Data

One of the main threats facing businesses of all shapes and sizes, specialising in all industries and fields, right now is a cyber attack. Cyber criminals are aware that increasing numbers of businesses have switched to a remote working model to operate in line with government guidelines. They are also aware that this means you are probably now working on more devices and networks, and are more prone to falling for their scams or open to their attacks. Security and data breaches could destroy a small business. Not only could you find yourself breaking data protection law, but you could also see your reputation tarnished, which could discourage customers from shopping with you.

Here are a couple of things you can do to protect yourself against these kinds of attacks:

Use a VPN

VPN stands for ‘virtual private network’ and provides you with a safe and simple way to access a secure network that’s much more difficult to hack while you’re working. It will allow you to connect to in-house servers securely without the need to use a public internet connection.

Move to the cloud

Switching to the Cloud doesn’t only ensure that all data is protected and stored safely, it also ensures that you can securely access data and software to work from when you’re operating in remote locations. It’s definitely a step worth carrying out.

These are just a few areas to focus on during these difficult times. Helping your business to survive this pandemic isn’t going to be easy but it’s worth putting the effort in rather than simply giving up straightaway. Hopefully, some of the above steps will help you and your business to make your way out of this with minimal losses!

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