How to Communicate Effectively With Your Customers

Communication is the basis of a positive customer-business relationship, especially as a small business owner. Nurturing a connection between your business and your customers is vital for building customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases. Building customer relations to encourage loyalty is essential, as retaining existing customers is more cost-effective, and less time-consuming, than continually pursuing new ones. Especially via social media. This blog outlines how to communicate effectively with your customers to foster those all-important relationships.

Communication may build a relationship between a customer and a business, but to make it worthwhile, you need to ensure that it is effective. Ineffective communication is a waste of your time – and money – and may harm customer relations rather than build them. 

How to Communicate Effectively With Your Customers

The Benefits of Communicating Effectively

Many small businesses take a test and measure approach when communicating with their customers. This is understandable. The life of an entrepreneur can be incredibly busy and there are so many ways to share and showcase yourself and your business these days. However, planning a marketing strategy to communicate effectively with your customers offers significant benefits.

Keeping in touch with your customers via communication campaigns helps keep your business relevant to the customer and drive purchases of your services and/or products. Effective communication is your tool to keep the connection between your business and the customer alive. It encourages repeat business, engages them in your brand, raises awareness of your products, and helps spread the word to attract new customers. Effective communication helps your business to achieve many things. It involves so much more than putting out the occasional social media post and merely hoping that people will see it (and like it).

Choosing the Best Communication Methods

Nowadays, there are so many methods available to communicate with customers and potential customers. From direct mass text messaging, WhatsApps or emails, through to the various social media platforms and 2020’s technology of choice – Zoom! While having choices is good, too many options can make it harder to know where to focus your efforts to achieve the best results.

However, these methods work well:

Direct text messages and emails are an excellent way to alert customers to product offers and sales.

Social media posts are often the best way to showcase a brand new service and/or product to its full potential. Posts should be highly visual and encourage customers to engage with the content. Social media posts are also brilliant for revealing behind the scenes snippets. Instagram Stories and Reels are currently great for this, in particular.

Get into the habit of considering which method will achieve the results you’re hoping for before sending or posting.

Update Your Website

Keeping your website up to date and full of relevant information is essential for communicating information to customers. Try to make your website as easy to navigate as possible. Your customers need to easily find what they are looking for. Consider the path you want your customers to take as they explore your site. Think about the user experience (UX) and how your customers might use your site to communicate with you, and to find out more about who you are and the services and/or products you offer. Your website should make it easy for your customers to contact with you with minimal hassle.

As a bare minimum your website should include:

  • Calls to action on every page
  • A contact form/easy to find contact details
  • Thorough FAQ section(s) answering common customer queries
  • Prices for your services/products (not everyone agrees with this but I personally think it saves both you and your potential customers a lot of time!)

Useful additions to the bare minimum content include:

  • A valuable resource in return for an email sign-up
  • Brief but authentic testimonials from previous customers
  • Links to your social media pages so potential customers can get a holistic sense of you and how you can help them

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