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How To Stay Motivated When Writing

Staying motivated can be difficult when there’s so much going on in your life. Writing is one thing that can be challenging to stay focused on. You may write as a hobby or as part of your job, so it’s important to work on your motivational skills in order to achieve everything you’d like to, whether it’s just for fun or for the sake of your career. Here are some tips on how to stay motivated when writing.

How To Stay Motivated When Writing

Get Rid Of Distractions

Firstly, get rid of distractions. When it comes to distractions in your life, they can be everywhere. It’s important that you’re doing what you can to get rid of them. Whether that’s watching videos on YouTube or picking up your phone every five minutes to scroll social media, distractions serve to hinder your efforts while writing. That’s why it’s good to get rid of any and all distractions. Try to remove any technology you don’t need for set amounts of time/during certain hours. Putting these types of routines in place will prevent you falling into habits of procrastination.

The more active and successful you can be in reducing distractions, the more writing you’ll be likely to get done as a result. You may find there are things that can aid you, rather than pull you away from writing. Listening to relaxing music, especially instrumental music, is one way of doing this, or choosing other white noise background sounds such as rain or thunderstorms.

Write Every Day

Writing every day can help keep you motivated because, eventually, it becomes part of your routine. It starts to feel like anything else you do on a daily basis. Doing a bit of writing each day can be useful and create a sense of achievement as those word counts increase. Try to schedule time every day to dedicate to writing something, even just half an hour or an hour.

Take Regular Breaks

Whenever you’re working on something for work or for personal reasons, concentrating for hours can be difficult. Not many people could work at the same productive level for hours on end. For both your sanity and health, it’s important to take regular breaks. Try to be strict with yourself on this so that you’re not at risk of burning out.

Seek Inspiration From Others

There’s a lot of inspiration that we can get from others when it comes to writing. Whether you’re looking to write a book and publish it using, or you’re exploring a new genre or type of writing, it’s good to network. Talking to fellow writers or professionals in the industry can give you helpful advice on any writing projects you might be stuck on. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone, so don’t be afraid to reach out to those who may be able to help, especially with NaNoWriMo just around the corner!

Staying motivated while writing, is a challenge, but it can be done.

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