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How to Think of Your Life as a Great Unfolding Story

People try all sorts of different paths and approaches to give their everyday existence a sense of meaning, and to make their lives more interesting. I find that one of the most mindful ways of looking at life is to view it as a great unfolding story.

If this idea sounds interesting to you, here are a few things you might want to try.

How to Think of Your Life as a Great Unfolding Story

Listen to your intuitive sense of meaning and enthusiasm when making decisions

We all have our own intuitions about what we find meaningful in life, and the kinds of things that we feel enthusiastic about.

All the same, it’s common for people to completely write off those intuitions, and that inner sense of enthusiasm and meaning, when making important life decisions. Starting an author business, for example, may seem a daunting prospect. Imposter syndrome may set in, comparisonitis might rear its ugly head, or the risk may feel greater than the reward.

Nonetheless, if you want to treat your life as a great unfolding story, start behaving as though it is one. Take that intuition and enthusiasm seriously, and act on it! After all, what better way to write the next chapter of your story than by following what feels right on a deeper level?

Frequently expose yourself to great stories for insight and inspiration

There are all sorts of amazing stories out there, both real and fictional. A major chunk of the entertainment industry is based on this fact. Films, TV shows, novels and plays are all fantastic sources of storytelling. And all stories are living, ever-evolving, personal things thanks to our dreams and imaginations.

Frequently exposing yourself to great stories could give you extra insight into your own desires – creatively, emotionally, geographically… Absorbing yourself in other people’s/characters’ stories could help you visualise and develop your own life story more vividly.

Savour the moment and take the time to appreciate it

The detail in any story is probably a major part of what gives it its power and impact. How many times has something you read in a book, or watched on a screen or a stage, moved you? The enthralling moments are usually the most memorable. The little details of life – and death – are important. We’re often looking for a way of understanding and living our lives so that big questions relating to our own mortality can be framed in a positive context. Some may consider it morbid but visiting or researching grave site headstones, for example, is a way of reassuring ourselves that life went on before us, and will go on after us. It’s a way of anchoring ourselves in the present, reminding us to appreciate the here and now.

Everyday life is full of powerful and magical moments. Savouring and appreciating those moments may help to dramatically and meaningfully underscore the unfolding story of your life. With the right degree of appreciation and interest, even your morning cup of coffee may become a powerful and beautiful experience.

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