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How To Write A Great Blog Post

Writing a brilliant blog post is not always easy. There’s quite a bit to think about. Whether you’re writing for your business blog, your hobby blog or even a blog post for someone else, there’s a lot to get your head around. The key thing to remember is that you’ll often find conflicting advice on the internet around blog writing. Some of it is dated, with Google and the algorithms having moved on, while other advice conflicts simply due to personal preference. Over time, you’ll build up your own style and technique, but in the meantime, these tips for how to write a great blog post can get you started.

How To Write A Great Blog Post

Show You Have Detailed Knowledge

People will find your post far more authoritative if you really know what you’re writing about. Always do your research. If you’re skirting over the key elements people will leave and look elsewhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about an obscure topic such as Bitcoin payments or if you’re reviewing your latest crime fiction read, having a good knowledge base will help to make your blog post more interesting and informative. It also ensures you have more to write about, which gives you a better chance of including those all important keywords. Detailed knowledge includes industry knowhow, detailed phrases or words, as well as the latest happenings in whatever niche you’re writing about.

Not using SEO in your blog post is a waste of a valuable opportunity to drive traffic to your website. However, you need to ensure that you are using the right keywords for your blog posts, and in strategic places to get you noticed in search engines. You can get custom seo services to achieve this goal and get your content to rank in Google and other search engines.

Break Up The Writing

A total block of text can be daunting so using shorter paragraphs will instantly break up a blog post. If it’s a long form, more complex post, you may need to think about including a table of contents, or using pictures to visually highlight what you’re talking about. You can also embed video, lists and quotes. Infographics have been popular recently and you can create these easily on sites like Canva. However, the true meat is in the writing, so beware of publishing a post with *too* much else going on. Remember, every post still has to flow well – broken up rather than too-dense text, but not image or graphic heavy. Have a look at some of the top blog posts in your niche and you’ll see the flow and style that readers expect.

Stick To Your Brief

This could either be the brief you’ve set yourself as a result of keyword planning, or a brief which you’ve received from the client you’re writing for. The planning stage is important and although it’s great to have an element of freedom in your writing, it’s also vital to ensure you capture the intended flavour of the post. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing up the latest FBA strategies or penning a detailed series on how to self publish, the text should comprise the keywords you need to capture, as well as searcher intent and key topics to cover within the blog post(s). Once written, it’s good practice to go over the brief again then edit as necessary before you post it on your website or submit it to your client. 

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