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5 Tips for Perfect Poetry Writing

Poetry is a beautiful thing to read but if you’re a writer, it can be a frustrating thing to write. The thing is, you want your poetry to be perfect. If you want to write limericks, you need to know the beat to the perfect limerick and be able to match it with the best rhymes. Programs like Rhyme Finder can help you do just that. If you love long iambic pentameter, then you will want to read up on Shakespeare and Keats. Poetry is so individual and creating poetry is about letting the ideas flow from your hand. Therefore, this blog includes 5 tips for perfect poetry writing so that you can get this feeling right to you.

There are so many different types of poetry out there that if you are a budding writer, you need to figure out which poetry suits you the most and not just conform to what suits others.

5 Tips For Perfect Poetry Writing

Get comfortable

It may sound ridiculous, but you need to have the right space – mental and physical – to write poetry. A specific setting could help you to get in the mood to write and write well. Writers in cafés are often able to concentrate in a busy space, but you might do better in a comfortably quiet room with a squashy armchair and thunderstorms sounds in the background. It really doesn’t matter what makes you most comfortable, as long as you can feel in the right headspace to write.

Read as much as you can

Believe it or not, the biggest key to writing amazing poetry is in your ability to read it. You need to look at the greats to find your influences. Think Keats, Poe, Dickinson, and more. Along with poetry, reading as much as you can of everything else will help so much too. Think poetry fiction, non-fiction books, blogs, interviews, newspapers – everything! You can find inspiration everywhere, if you keep an open mind and look closely enough.

Consider music lyrics

Every time you hear a song and learn the words, you’re learning poetry. You’re learning how to make your words mix together. Eminem is a poet – he just recites his poetry exceptionally fast! We naturally speak in a stressed pattern in speech and you can get your words onto paper and create poetry. Not everything has a rhyme and not everything needs it – it just has to flow.

Everything is material

If your poetry is personal, consider exploring your own thoughts in life in more depth. The art of journalling may help with this. Think about how you want to present as a poet. Do you want to talk about love? Is sadness an emotive theme for you? Perhaps lustful longing is more your style? Whatever voice you want to use, think about what you want the reader to “hear” when they read your words.

Add a title

Every single time you write a poem, give it a title. The trick to a good title is to add it at the end. Know what you want to write about, let the words flow through you, and create/discover the title for it at the end once you’ve seen how it all comes together.

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