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How to Stay Inspired to Write

If you’re a keen writer, you’ll already know how hard it can be to keep at the craft, especially when things get tough, life gets in the way, or you start to feel that you might be falling out of love with the art of writing. The truth is that you know whether you’re a writer or not, even if you’ve not been doing much actual writing recently. You need to do all you can to keep writing, and that means discovering how to stay inspired to write. Let’s take a look at four ways to help you do just that.

How to Stay Inspired to Write

Read Widely

The most important thing a writer can do, apart from writing itself, is to read. The more fiction you read, for example, the more you’ll understand about story structure, and what makes dialogue engaging, and how to create memorable characters etc. The more nonfiction you read, the more you’ll understand how to write to inform, or to entertain, or how to effectively guide a reader etc. Reading widely will give you a better grasp on how to use different methods and writing techniques, and the more you’ll just get a feel for how to write well. Aiming to read a variety of literary works, including things you would never normally pick up, will ensure you expand your bookish horizons and expose yourself to new inspirations too.

Keep Motivated

Sometimes the main reason you’re struggling to write is that you have lost or forgotten your motivation to write. Why are you doing it in the first place, and how can you make sure that you remember that? If you struggle with motivation generally, some Wednesday motivation quotes delivered to your inbox is a great way to improve it. If you need to remember your motivation to write specifically, sit down and think about what it is that you get out of it. How will you feel when you finally publish that blog series, or type ‘The End’ after finishing your novel, or hold your own book in your hands? Keep reminding yourself of your end goal(s) and your motivation should resurface in no time.

Get Some Experience

It’s hard to write without any new ideas or fresh perspectives, so make sure you’re spending some time gaining more life experiences. The more experiences you can get, the more likely it is that you’ll find what you really want and/or love to write about, and the better you’ll be able to express it too. So, if you feel you need to, it is often worth putting the pen down or switching off the laptop for a while and just going out to live your life. If you never do that, you’ll never have anything new to write about!

Set A Daily Schedule

On the other hand, if you know what you want or need to write, but you just can’t seem to get going, you might want to set yourself a daily schedule – perhaps a word count or a set timeframe – and do it that way. Maybe begin each day with writing so you feel an immediate sense of accomplishment and it’s done before all other tasks get in the way. Making writing a priority and sticking to a schedule will mean that you’re much more likely to write frequently, and the words will build up, bit by bit. This is a simple but effective means of staying inspired, and the more you write, the more inspired you’ll feel!

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