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Why Great Writing Isn’t The Only Step To Blogging Success

Unfortunately, great writing isn’t the only step to blogging success. However, you love writing and the thought of building a career from sharing your thoughts on whatever subject you feel passionate about is exactly what you want. So, first and foremost, you do need to develop a strong writing style. Practice makes perfect and will help you achieve your goal of engaging readers so that they come back for more. Nevertheless, you’ll need a more comprehensive approach to blogging in order to dominate the ‘blogosphere’ and achieve blogging success. Learn to master the other aspects and your hopes of turning your passion into a successful career will be greatly increased.

Why great writing isn’t the only step to blogging success


There is little point in having a blog if nobody ever reads it. Ultimately, that would mean it’s barely more than a private diary. Therefore, building awareness is essential and search engine optimization (SEO) should be at the top of your agenda. Visit to learn about some of the most effective SEO tactics. Gaining organic traffic means that visitors are looking to read content like yours. Once people are visiting your blog, data analytics will show you what you’re doing well, as well as alert you to posts that don’t resonate as much. Data-driven decisions can then guide you towards the type of content that performs best. 

Visual Engagement

Written content will play an important role in your blog. Aside from SEO, it is your source of passion. This is what will make your blog shine through as one of the best places for readers to learn about the subject matter you’re writing about. However, you must not ignore the fact that people also respond well to visual elements. Creating video content can work wonders, not least because users retain 95% of the message. This easily outweighs your written content. Visually engaging content also captures attention. Once you have achieved this goal, your writing will have a far stronger platform to flourish within.


The whole point of online/social media is that it opens up two-way interactions. This gives you a clear advantage over books, magazines and other printed communications. It is, therefore, essential that you learn how to make Instagram and social media work for you. These platforms are a great way to encourage participation. In turn, you and your brand will frequently be fresh in people’s minds, which should lead to far more opportunities. You can also use content that actively engages your visitors and followers. A Q&A, for example, ensures that they are connected with you and it also gives you valuable insights into the type of content they want from you the most.

Collaborative Opportunities

In many areas, you may choose not to work with others, preferring to be in total control of your blog and its content. However, collaborative opportunities are plentiful for bloggers. Readers have more than enough time to read more than one blog so connecting with other bloggers and brands is often a good idea. You can also look at merchandising and revenue streams. Visit to learn more. Your passion may be for writing, but these are the strategies that ultimately pay the bills. Remember, you do not have to face the business journey alone, especially when you’re running a blog. As long as you always research your options, blogging success will follow!

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