What Should I Outsource as a Business Owner?

When starting your own business, whether it’s a product based business such as writing books (products!) or a service based business such as editing or proofreading, it can be tricky trying to decide which parts to outsource and which parts to look after in-house, especially if you currently do it all yourself. This blog suggests the most cost and time-effective tasks to outsource as a business owner.

What Should I Outsource as a Business Owner?

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Your accounts are central to your business. Therefore, tracking your finances correctly is extremely important. Any mistakes may leave you in a mess tax-wise and potentially create other problems too. This is why this should be the first thing you consider outsourcing.

Without a robust, efficient system in place to make sure all your finances are up to date, you risk falling behind and losing track. There are many different (and affordable) accountants and accountancy firms that specialise in different areas of finance. To keep on top of the most important part of your business, and to protect your own peace of mind, outsourcing your accounts is a wise move. 

Reputation Tracking

Unfortunately, reputation is not just dependent on how you present yourself in person and online. Your reputation can also be affected – both positively and negatively – by online content and comments about your services and/or products. As a business, combing through messages and comments via email and social media can be a big, and sometimes stressful, undertaking. Therefore many companies are investing in online reputation management profile defenders to do this for them. These companies monitor your online reputation by removing unwarranted negative feedback or comments surrounding your business. These types of (often unfair) ‘trolling’ comments can happen if your social media accounts grow exponentially, for example.

Negative comments about you and your business may result in fewer customers. Make sure you and your business are always represented honestly and transparently. You can manage this yourself, but it can be a lot of work, especially on top of everything else required to run a business. This is why it could be useful to outsource this aspect. 

Administration Tasks

What percentage of your day/week is taken up with admin tasks? 25%? 50%? More? Admin tasks are arguably what businesses spend most of their time on. Checking orders, emails and DMs, phone queries and general customer service all require a lot of time and patience. However, there are many options to support your admin needs. Many businesses use virtual assistants and many of these assistants charge by the hour. This not only reduces the cost of having to employ staff, it also reduces how long you have to spend doing admin tasks yourself. 

Many of the more general admin tasks can be done virtually, such as email writing, scheduling social media posts, and communicating with clients and customers etc. Taking the exhausting admin workload away from your working life means you can not only channel your creative energy into building the business of your dreams and focusing on your growth, but you can also enjoy the fun parts of owning and running your own business. 

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