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6 Author Marketing Tips for 2022

One of the best things about the advancement of technology is the way it can change how you market your indie author business. If you’re looking to improve your book marketing strategies, you will do well to ensure that your author business is keeping up with all of the latest trends. Facebook groups, podcasts, webinars, marketing books (and ebooks), and professional white label digital marketing companies can help you with your marketing. However, it’s also important to be aware of trends. Therefore, here are 6 author marketing tips for 2022.

6 Author Marketing Tips for 2022

1) Optimise your author website

It’s vital that you’re familiar with SEO (search engine optimisation) in 2022. This means improving everything possible for your audience when they search for you and/or your author business. Site loading speed, page structure, content and mobile optimisation should all be considered. Check your website with Improving these aspects can help elevate your site and make it even more accessible in search engines, which benefits both you and your readers.

2) Consider voice search

More and more people are using their smartphones and devices like Alexa to voice search for answers to their questions. If you are looking to join a new marketing trend in 2022, move into voice search optimisation and become more accessible for existing, and new, readers. This will help you to rank better in searches. Forbes has some great tips for voice optimisation, such as: use conversational language, anticipate audience questions and answer them (in a structured, coherent way), and choose long tail keywords.

3) Curate your content

Producing quality, relevant content is not a new trend. However, in 2022, you may have to up your game when it comes to keeping up with your content. Content should be heavily focused on who you are creating it for (your readers) and not the search engine results. Carefully curated content that is properly directed at your audience will be both interesting and helpful to them, keeping them coming back for more!

4) Consider mobile first

People are more on the move than ever before. As a result, you should also be focusing your marketing efforts on your mobile site. As mentioned above, you should think about how you can optimise your content on mobile devices. Check what your pages look like on a phone as well as a PC, laptop and tablet to ensure that all of your content is readable and functional, particularly images and/or graphics. Think ‘small screen’ and streamline any unnecessary clutter to give your audience a quick, smooth, enjoyable experience when they visit your author site.

5) Volunteer at the right places

Volunteering is often an unexplored way to market your business. While you’ll need to be quite specific about where you volunteer and when, it can open you up to an untapped market. Picking areas related to your genre and similar areas makes sure you’ll see some success with it.

It also lets you increase your brand awareness while showing you care about specific causes. Anthony Orlich is a great example of how this can help your business.

6) Watch the trends

Regularly reviewing and improving your author marketing strategy is important, if you want to sell books. Perhaps set a Google alert or make a note to do some marketing trend research every month or quarter? Alternatively/additionally, offer a range of marketing training courses (with many starting at just £10 in their current sale!). Treating marketing as CPD (continuing professional development) in its own right will help you better appeal to your readers as well as give your books their best chance of success! 

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