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Which Vellum Chapter Heading Background Should I Choose?

Vellum book formatting software now offers 9 chapter heading backgrounds as an extra customisable element for your self published book! If you’re considering using Vellum formatting software to format your book (either doing it yourself or via a formatter like myself), this post includes examples of all the available options to help you to decide which Vellum chapter heading background to choose.

Which Vellum Chapter Heading Background Should I Choose?

All the examples shown in this post feature Meridian book style with its underlined numerical chapter title and the Times New Roman font on a 6×9 page size. Each chapter heading background appears only on the first page of each new chapter. (Please note: the names of the chapter heading backgrounds are what I personally refer to them as and not what they are officially called in Vellum!)

Plain and Opaque chapter heading background examples:

The plain option is how the page would look without any background at all. The Opaque option is darker at the top than it is at the bottom and therefore doesn’t obstruct the text.

Swirls and Flowers chapter heading background examples:

The Swirls and Flowers options are both really pretty backgrounds. Either would add something special to a romance or historical fiction novel, for example.

Smoke and Black Lines chapter heading background examples:

These two options offer a bit of drama! Horror authors may be drawn to Smoke whereas sci fi authors may prefer Black Lines. However, all of the backgrounds are available for all types and genres of books.

Moonlight and Solid Black chapter heading background examples:

The Moonlight and Solid Black options would work well for mystery/thriller/horror novels. Alternatively, the Solid Black option may look really effective in a nonfiction book.

The ninth and final option is to insert your own image as your chapter heading background as either a no bleed or full bleed image. Recommended file formats are .png and .jpeg. Recommended image sizes can be given prior to formatting if you choose to use Penning and Planning’s formatting service.

Please be aware that if you do choose one of these Vellum chapter headings, or would like to insert a custom design, it may increase the cost of printing your book once it has been published. I am unable to give advice on this so please ensure you conduct your own research into printing costs before committing to your chapter heading background choice.

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