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How To Market Your Book In 2023

Want to know how to successfully market your book in 2023? Keep reading to find out. 

How To Market Your Book In 2023

Social Media for Authors

Like it or loathe it, if you want to sell more copies of your book(s) then you’re going to have to get more comfortable at promoting yourself on social media. However, instead of spending all your time on older platforms such as Facebook and X, it may be better to focus on some of the newer platforms where it’s easier to get a foothold as an author. 


For example, Geneva is a fairly new platform with a whole host of book clubs and book and reading-related groups. Describing itself as “an all-in-one communication app designed for organised, ongoing conversations with all your favourite people”, Geneva offers written posts in forum-style rooms, as well as video, audio and written chat functions. The Washington Post reports: “Geneva members are free to interact without the pressure of public metrics, an algorithmic feed, or company oversight shaping their conversations. Fans of the platform say it offers a more intimate, community-oriented experience than traditional social networks.” This surely sounds like music to any author’s ears!


Similarly, TikTok is a great platform for authors to self-promote as ‘BookTok’ is massive. BookTok, for anyone not in the know, is a subgroup of TikTok that book content creators, including authors and reviewers, are part of. It’s a brilliant community to join as both a reader and an author and a very useful group at which to aim your marketing efforts. I personally love BookTok and can be found here: @cljennisonbooks.

However, if you’d rather spend your time penning new chapters than creating content (which can be very time consuming!), working with an expert in social media marketing like Top Marketing Agency may be just the solution you’re looking for. The great thing is they can help you with all aspects of your book marketing, from social media, to SEO, to helping you craft the perfect author website.

Personal Websites for Authors

I know, I know – you’re an author, not a web designer, but that doesn’t mean you’re excused from having a decent website. Indeed, you need to think of your author’s website as the cornerstone of all your marketing techniques. It should be a place where readers can find out more about you, your motivations, your works and your interests. The best thing about having an author website is that it’s a permanent asset you are in control of, unlike social media platforms which are owned and controlled by huge companies. It should also be SEO optimized to ensure that those looking for your books can find them – and you – easily. 

With that in mind, you can either go it alone using a drag-and-drop builder, or get a professional to create a site for you. Charlotte Duckworth, herself a bestselling author, offers web design services and has also recently launched her DIY Website Author Course. It’s ideal for those who want to create their own but need a bit more guidance. However be sure to have one up and running sooner rather than later if you want to effectively market your books. 

Author Events

Author events may seem a little intimidating but they are a great way to whip up some buzz around you and your latest book. Signings are common, and you don’t have to be the next J.K Rowling to get one these days either. A decent social media presence and some pre-orders and/or book sales should be more than enough to garner interest in your writing. 

Signings aren’t the only events you may wish to consider though. Book fairs, author retreats, formal/informal get-togethers, conferences and literary festivals can all help spread the word about your latest novel, and help you connect with the readers most likely to buy it. The Society of Authors has some helpful advice regarding rates and fees for attending events and the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) connects with book fairs, booksellers, distributors and literary festivals on behalf of its members.

Amazon Author Page

Lots of indie authors I know often feel a bit unsure about what to include on their author pages on Amazon. I’ve seen pages written in a sarcastic, self-deprecating way as well as those that are only sparsely populated. However, if you are really serious about marketing and selling your book(s), you will need to fill it in properly. This is because it allows you to claim all of the books you have written, which makes it easier for readers to find more. It also gives you a blog-like space to better connect with your audience.

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