Editing, proofreading and formatting services for indie authors.


Hi, I'm Claire.

As well as being an editor, proofreader and formatter, I'm an indie author too. This means I know exactly how you feel about self publishing your book. Don't worry – we're in this together.

I've been an editorial services professional since 2018, but I've been writing (and reading) obsessed since childhood. I'm an introvert and tend to live inside my own head, which is ideal for nurturing my overactive imagination!

Before creating Penning and Planning, I taught English and English literature for over twelve years, as a qualified teacher, after completing my English and Creative Writing degree. Although I possessed many transferable skills from my teaching career, I have invested in many editing, proofreading and formatting training courses over the past four years to ensure my author clients receive the best service I can possibly offer and deliver.

My professional training includes a wide range of editing, proofreading and writing courses from trusted, reputable and inspiring sources: CIEP, The PTC, The Novelry, Jericho Writers, Self Publishing 101 (taught by six figure indie author Mark Dawson), Plan Your Plot (taught by bestselling author Laura Jane Williams), Self Publishing Formula's How to Write a Bestseller (taught by bestselling author Suzy K Quinn) and Curtis Brown Creative's Edit & Pitch Your Novel

Alongside running my business, I was a member of my local lottery funded and community interest writing group for two years. Collaboratively, we self published an anthology of short stories – Another Time Another Place – in January 2020, and our second anthology of crime based stories – Red Herrings and Blind Alleys – was published in May 2020.

As a passionate self publishing advocate, I very much look forward to helping you self publish your book(s) too!


Ghostwriting fiction and nonfiction books (and eBooks) is another service I offer, on a project by project basis.

I can also help with writing blurbs, synopses and Amazon descriptions.

Below are a few samples of fifty word stories – dribbles – I recently wrote for fun.

Please contact me to ask any questions about ghostwriting, or to request a quote for your project.

Green Beauties 50 Word Story
Disapproving Tut 50 Word Story
Gently Hostile 50 Word Story