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Do you want to be able to plan and write your crime fiction novels quickly, cleanly and more intentionally?

This Crime Novel Planner is ideal for you if:

  • You’re a crime novelist who loves (or wants to start / get better at) plotting your books.
  • You want a professional editor, author and ghostwriter's guidelines to refer to, to help you structure a story that meets readers' expectations.
  • You wish you had a guided planner to jot down all your ideas, flesh out your characters and follow a step-by-step, streamlined story plotting process.
  • You start off with good intentions but struggle to keep track of your ideas on sticky notes, on your notes app, and in a variety of random notebooks – you would prefer everything in one place!
  • You want to feel more organised and in control of your writing process by using a dedicated novel planner for every work in progress.
Crime Novel Planner

What’s inside?

Crime Novel Planner

This Crime Novel Planner is split into six main sections to help you plan the big picture overview of your story:

  • The Big Picture
  • The Big Decisions
  • The Main Characters
  • The Side Characters
  • The Three Acts
  • Chapter By Chapter Breakdown

Including word count trackers and notes / brainstorm pages, this 100 page A5 paperback planner is designed to help you plan and plot your story logically and methodically, creating a detailed novel outline that will ultimately transform your book into a page-turning read.

Cost: £7.99

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Crime Novel Planner preview images
Crime Novel Planner preview images

Frequently Asked Questions

The A5 paperback planner is priced at £7.99.

Each planner is designed to help you plan one full length crime novel by guiding you through all the elements that make up a compelling, well-structured story.

There is more information on the Crime Novel Planner in its Amazon listing, as well as in this blog: How to Plan and Write Multiple Books in a Year.
Or please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions!