Professional editing, ghostwriting and book formatting services.


What are the different types of editing?

Developmental Editing Penning and Planning

An overhaul of the whole manuscript – the equivalent of rebuilding a house that has been built on uneven ground.

Developmental editing focuses on:

  • Ensuring story structure is solid
  • Checking whole story timeline(s)
  • Ensuring character arcs are satisfying
  • Checking locations/worlds are plausible
  • Identifying plot holes and offering possible solutions
Line Editing Penning and Planning

Sentence by sentence consideration – the equivalent of renovating a solidly built house to improve its interior.

Line editing focuses on:

  • Ensuring the story is readable and flows well
  • Finessing sentence structure for clarity where needed
  • Minor plot flow observations and improvement suggestions
  • Checking reference/copyright permissions where necessary
  • Identifying POV confusions (head hopping) and suggesting improvements
  • Suggesting character action/voice/motivation clarifications and improvements
Copy Editing Penning and Planning

Word by word consideration – the equivalent of decorating a recently renovated house to showcase its interior.

Copy editing focuses on:

  • Identifying and correcting inconsistencies
  • Correcting dialogue and action tag confusion
  • Correcting any obvious spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
  • Ensuring formatting is consistent throughout (e.g. use of italics/bold type, times/dates, abbreviations etc.)

Character by character consideration – the equivalent of accessorising a newly decorated house with finishing touches.

Proofreading involves a final, thorough check of the whole manuscript to make sure there aren’t any obvious errors remaining, such as: typos, missing/duplicated words, missing/duplicated punctuation marks, and inconsistent/incorrect use of numbers or italics or spellings of names/places etc.

Proofreading catches anything minor that may have been missed during (or changed since) the copy edit.

Editing Packages

The Sample Edit Penning and Planning

The Sample Edit

What’s included?

A combined line and copy edit of 1,000 words of your manuscript.

You can either send me 1,000 of your choosing in a separate Word document or you can send me the whole manuscript (completely confidentially) and I will choose 1,000 words at random to edit myself.

Who is The Sample Edit ideal for?

The Sample Edit is ideal for you if you’re an author who has finished the first draft of your manuscript and you’re looking for your first editor or want to evaluate a new editor.

A sample edit will help you decide if I’m the right editor for you and your book! There is no obligation to take me on as an editor after a sample edit, and I would never pester you for a decision afterwards – simply contact me whenever you're ready!

Cost: Free

How long does it take?

1-2 working days. This edit can be booked at any time.

The First Chapter Edit Penning and Planning

The First Chapter Edit

What’s included?

A combined line and copy edit of your whole first chapter (up to 4,000 words). The First Chapter Edit addresses whether your novel:

  • Has an intriguing opening hook
  • Grounds the reader immediately
  • Follows genre/story structure conventions
  • Compels the reader to want to turn the page
  • Showcases good spelling, grammar and punctuation

Who is The First Chapter Edit ideal for?

This is the ideal option for you if you either haven’t finished the first draft of your manuscript, or you’ve got a messy first draft that isn’t yet ready for a professional edit, but you would like some editorial feedback before you begin revising your crime fiction story.

Cost: £49 flat rate

How long does it take?

2-3 working days. This edit can be booked at any time. Payment on completion.

The Outline Edit Penning and Planning

The Outline Edit

What’s included?

The Outline Edit identifies any weaker points/plot holes in your story as a whole – before you even begin to write it – and offers suggestions to fix them. You will be left with a solid, structured book outline broken down into the three acts and a brief chapter by chapter overview as a result of this edit.

Who is The Outline Edit ideal for?

This is the ideal option for you if you have a full story idea/synopsis but need help structuring it into a ‘proper’ book outline to use as a guide for writing your first draft. This is a great way to help you prepare for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November! If you are not quite ready for The Outline Edit but still want some story structure guidance, check out the Crime Novel Planner.

Cost: £99 flat rate

How long does it take?

3-5 working days. This edit needs to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Payment on completion.

The Between The Lines Edit Penning and Planning

The Between The Lines Edit

What’s included?

A thorough line edit of your whole manuscript.

Who is The Between the Lines Edit ideal for?

This is the perfect option for you if you’re sure your story structure is sound following rounds of self editing (and possibly beta reader feedback), and you want your manuscript to be sculpted into great shape by a professional editor.

Cost: £13 per 1,000 words

How long does it take?

I base my editing timeframes on approx. 5,000 words per (working) day. For example, I would allow approx. 10 days to edit 50,000 words. Tighter timeframes can be negotiated for an additional fee. 

This edit needs to be booked at least 4-6 weeks in advance. 10% deposit required at time of booking. Payment plans available.

The Publication Package Penning and Planning

The Publication Package

What’s included?

  • A Between the Lines Edit
  • A proofreading checklist
  • Your book formatted (ebook and print files – including one round of revisions)
  • A final quality check of the whole manuscript, including front and back matter
  • Your back cover blurb written for you!
  • Advertising on this website (with a link to buy the published book) and social media promotion (Facebook and Instagram).

Who is The Publication Package ideal for?

This is the perfect package for you if you want the security of a multi-step service.

Your crime fiction manuscript will be line edited then, after revisions and proofreading, it will formatted and ready to upload to your website(s) of choice along with an enticing back cover blurb aimed at your ideal reader. Once it has been published, I will add a thumbnail image to my website with a direct link to buy, as well as promote it on social media for you.

(Please note: proofreading is an additional step in the process and is not included in this service.)


£849 flat rate

(up to 50,000 words)

£999 flat rate

(50-70,000 words)

£1249 flat rate

(70-90,000 words)

How long does it take?

A few weeks to a few months – timeframe to be confirmed based on your word count, my schedule and your preferred deadline!

This package needs to be booked at least 4-6 weeks in advance. 10% deposit required at time of booking. Payment plans available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does your editing service work?

A. 'Penning and Planning – The Editing Process' outlines everything you need to know about my editing service.

Q. What software do you use for editing?

A. I use Track Changes in Word. This short video explains how Track Changes work.

Q. Do you specialise in any particular genres, and are there any genres you don't edit?

A. I have worked on a wide range of fiction books, but I now specialise in editing crime, mystery, suspense and thriller novels. I know the tropes, story structures and reader expectations of these genres (and their many sub-genres) extremely well:

  • Whodunnit
  • Domestic noir
  • Serial killer crime
  • Detective led crime
  • Domestic suspense
  • Romantic suspense
  • Psychological thriller

I will consider working on any type of crime fiction story – I am quite unshockable where a great plot is concerned!

Q. Do you offer payment plans for editing services?

A. Payment plans are definitely available. In fact, most of my author clients pay by instalments! The most popular choice seems to be half up front then half 14 days after completion, but I have agreed to instalments over 2-6 months before. I try and be as flexible as possible but I do ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit of the total cost to secure a booking, so that I can organise my editing schedule and availability.