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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What software do you use for formatting books?

A. I use Vellum software.

Q. What format should my manuscript be in when I send it to you?

A. Always in Word format please. My blog post ‘Penning and Planning – The Formatting Process‘ outlines everything you need to know.

Q. How do I choose my interior preferences?

A. I will send you a simple but comprehensive checklist to complete before your formatting slot. The checklist includes: book styles available, font choices available, book sizes available, text layout preferences, and what front and back matter you would like to include, as well as space for any other requests you may have (software permitting). My blog posts Is Vellum formatting suitable for my book? and What are the pros and cons of Vellum formatting? and 5 reasons NOT to choose Vellum formatting are good places to start if you’re considering Vellum formatting.

Q. What does ‘from just £79’ mean in terms of pricing?

A. The fiction formatting prices are:

  • £79 for a text only manuscript which contains up to 50,000 words.
  • £89 for a text only manuscript which contains between 50,000 – 70,000 words.
  • £99 for a text only manuscript which contains between 70,000 – 90,000 words.
  • £109 for a text only manuscript which contains over 90,000 words, or any length manuscript which contains up to five interior images/graphics/illustrations. 

Nonfiction formatting begins at £109 for a manuscript which contains up to 50,000 words and no interior images/graphics/illustrations.

Please contact me for a bespoke quote if your formatting requirements are not covered in the options above.

Two rounds of revisions are included with every individual formatting service. Further revisions are charged at £10 per round.*

(*Minor changes only. £20 per round for major changes such as amending book/font size, or adding/deleting lots of text.)

A deposit of £10 will secure your formatting slot.

Q. Does formatting come before or after proofreading?

A. My formatting service is always done after the book has been proofread. Although I do a page by page quality check on the interior layout, including correcting the odd missed typo if I spot one, the professional proofread should be done first. After the formatting has been done and checked, the book will ready to publish immediately!