Proofreading is the final, forensic level polish before publication.

Not to be confused with editing, proofreading is the final chance to double check every page, paragraph and sentence before printing and/or pressing publish, once any editor notes have been addressed.

As a trained proofreader, as well as a nit-picky reading addict, I can help you by:

  • Dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’.
  • Ensuring all homophones are accurate (e.g. there/their/they’re).
  • Clarifying any name spelling duplications/inconsistencies.
  • Examining consistent use of style choices and formatting (e.g. dates, italics and numbering).
  • Checking all punctuation marks are used correctly, including commas, semi colons and speech marks.

Proofreading: £10 per 1000 words.

Proofreading sample: FREE (1000 words)!

Quick and thorough turnaround. 

Payment plans available. Contact me to find out more.